Modified 160m RX Arrya season 2015/2016

QTH is 4km from here via,antennaswitches and icom ic706 with smal cw filters Now using Beverages 200m ore more open end ore endfired...Baluns in use are from Hari-Ham...location is on the farmland ..vy low noisfloor... as support pol i use gfk pols from nato masts some 1,3m long, what are fixed and hammerd in the ground in some alutubes about 50cm long Here some pictures:


200m 0-180 degrees uni (Can be terminated if needed)

250m 120-300 degrees (Can be terminated if needed)

300m 80-260 degrees (Can be terminated if needed)

icom ic706 with remotering com module radio room side


New Rx Arrya since October 2014


HI-Z Triangular

East-West Beverage 250m

North-South Beverage


Up to now my experience with TX Antennas from Expeditions and from my Home Qth are the following:

I tested DHDL Loops,DL9KR Loop ,K9AY, Coax Receiving Loops,Magnetic Loops small and big size, Pennant, EWE/s; Flags and Beverages. Beverages are only tested up to 150m.

Also now there is a 4 ore 8 squere RX setup available from HI-Z Antennas USA and it looks like its working great..if you need more info about HI-Z look at following link:

I found out that if you live at the sea near saltwater try a pennant.. it`s working great.. easy to build. We had 2 in 5a7a and 2 in a43dlh.. also at my home I`m using them.. great performance .. realy great

K9AY works ok but you need a good ground and free space arround..

Coax receiving Loops: Forget it.. waste of time
Only Loop what worked here moderate if you have high noise on your tx setup is the simply DL9KR RX Loop...vy easy to build

Well.. if you go down the page you will see constructions of all those Antennas..

If I shoud give out places for receiving performance I would say:

1 Place: Beverages over 200m and HI-Z setup.. but be carefully because some told me Beverages in some places near the sea don`t work
2 Place: Pennant and Magnetic Loops big size arround 3m+,DL9KR Loop
3 Place: K9AY; EWE, Pennant , Flag, Small Magnetic Loops
4 Place: Coax Loops

Any comments are welcome...

Pennant antenna construction details

This is a small low noise receiving antenna for those without adequate room for beverage type antennas. A pair of side-by-side 150 to 300ft spaced Pennants are close to a 1000ft beverage in performance for DX reception.


Antenna can be mounted so that bottom is approx 6ft above the ground. No ground system is required for this type of antenna.

Two side-by-side Pennant antennas can be separated 150 ft to 300ft and fed thru equal lengths of coax. 150 ft spacing works well for both 80 and 160 meters. 300ft spacing gives a beamwidth of approx 55 degrees on 160 meters. 150ft spacing on 80 meters has same pattern as 300ft on 160 Termination resistor from 820 ohms to 1000 ohms is adequate. Front-to-back null is approx 30db for this resistance range. 910 ohms is a good mean value.

A Pre-amp having about 20db of gain is necessary on 160 meters. 10db or more is adequate for 80 meters.


Coax Reciving Loop

To build a Coax Loop you just need some RG59 coax.. do it like on the picture and turn the capacitor to maximum noise on the QRG you want it. Take a middel qrg and it will be ok for the 160m cw band.


W7IUV Flag Details and Preamp