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Picture 1 and 2 showing the Coil for 160m on the ground close
to the butom side of the V160HD Titanex.

Picture 3 and 4 showing the Vertical V160HD true the Trees On

Picture 5 you see one of my 4 Woodtubes with extra long Radials.
Running 5 wires each 3m Woodtube so 20 extra Radials on the ground
This is special for small gardens when you dont would like to make big
holes in the ground.. Just make some holes inside the Tubes each
50cm and fix some 0.75 wire in that lengh you can (I run 20 to 30m
long ones as extra ground to my old in the ground fixed 60 Radials
between 5 and 15m) that way its vy easy to lay them out in the
evening and but back in the morning if you have children playing
or dogs....and the result is great....See you on Top Band

Old setup:


Using a 6M Woodmast with a 18m Spiderbem Mast...
Complete length is around 23m...
Grounded with 40 Radials between 10 and 40m length