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UKSMG Announcement Page

50MHZ Propagation Logger

50 MHZ DX-Cluster

50Mhz - Six Italia

144 MHZ DX-Cluster

Homepage ON4IQ

DK7ZB Antennas

DX Atlas: Amateur Radio software


My Webmaster's Page

WSJT/JT65 Soft

M2 Antennen

I0JXX Antennen

Homemade Amplifires

ON4KST Chatpage

HB9Q EME Loggers

Homepage DK3EE

JT65 EME Logger

Radio Modifications

Homepage W7GJ

Radio Manuals

G0KSC Antennas

YU7EW Antennas

High Power Coax Relais

G0CHE Web with 6m Video QRG Transmitters..

Low weight portabel Amplifires

Upcomming DX Peditions and news

Tropo forcast VHF Bands

VHF News Page