New 6m arrya....4 times 6M5X....doing great job


Top Band X Magic Band X Moonbounce




Optimized 160m RX Arrya remote ...more here...


Old Radio room

4*12DK7ZB 2M

Sat AO40

160m vert

160m mag rx loop

10M/2M Ant
4 Elem Stepp IR


Tower 6,2,70
HF - Station 2012
VHF - Station 2012

Logs are availabel for OJ0 5T and 3V8SS on:

For more Infos about 7X/3A/A43/SU1/D44/5A/5T/OJ0/ZD8/3V8/SV5/3V8SS click Expeditions

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